Dissertation: Feedback

Last week, I received my feedback for my dissertation research proposal. I got a 2:1, 63 marks, which I was really happy with considering whilst writing it, I was never 100% that what I was doing was right. From my feedback and from talking to Ashley, I can now see where my strengths and weaknesses lie. While I can write and argue in a sophisticated way, my ideas are a bit jumbled and it is clear when you read my proposal that I have not fully decided what I am looking into yet. My dissertation needs to have a purpose, otherwise it is a pointless study – but I have not yet totally found this.

The fundamental concept in all my potential ideas is the representation and treatment of women. However, this is an incredibly large subject matter and I need to look into that it is that I am looking at the representation of women in, and what my unique point of view is. As Ashley said, it can be a tiny question, a tiny differentiation on what has been done before, but for it to have purpose, I need to be exploring something I have no yet found anywhere else.

After a minor panic, and a helpful talk with Ashley, I feel in a much better position to move on. I need to:

  • Read dissertations to fully understand structure and what fills those 10,000 words
  • Do more reading of and around the topic
  • Try idea generation techniques
  • Get things down on paper, mind map, make lists, narrow down what it is I’m writing about

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