DFR: Mini Meltdown No. 1

I am at a point in my research and ideation where I feel a bit stuck and so I thought I’d just note it here rather than staring at my laptop screen.

I am finding my brief really challenging. I chose it for reasons I have expressed in recent blog posts, thinking designing for families of Derwen residents would be a great thing to do, producing something which I could feel the benefits of as the grandchild of someone with dementia. I also thought it may be easier to empathise with families than with the older residents themselves, as in theory, the younger generations of families are closer to my age and mind set than those 55+. However, now I come to forming ideas I am really struggling. How can I encourage families to visit their older family members? If they are not already doing this out of love, or if their lives are incredibly busy, or if they have other higher priority issues in their lives, how can I persuade them that making time to visit family at Gaer would be a great usage of their time? I realise that precisely what I have just described is my challenge, but I am feeling very stuck on how to achieve this at this moment in time.

I have been researching and researching everything from designing for dementia and age related conditions, to different types of care home including Derwen, to the history of Newport and design projects aimed at families across the board. I almost wish I had chosen the project which involved designing for older people, as I feel I have more ideas for this category from my research of this category. In reality, designing for families is not addressing one generation, but potentially three or four. Hm.

Tomorrow we have a tutorial regarding our research and our updated creative briefs. With each tutorial and workshop session I do feel more clear about what I am doing, but I really need to just spend time surrounded by my research and generate viable ideas. Client meeting on Thursday. Omg.


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