DFR: Initial Ideas

Over these first two weeks of third year I have written pages and pages of notes on workshops, lectures and tutorials, trying to absorb as much as I can about this project and the vast background behind it. Ahead of a tutorial this morning, I thought it a good idea to condense my ideas into initial ideas to explore as promising propositions for our client presentation on Thursday.

  1. To engage families in visiting the Gaer complex I think we need to give them something to do; a pull to visit and spend their time there. For this, I could design an interactive games room fully decorated with wall stickers and murals, photographs and boards that could be drawn and painted on with interactive brain training games for all ages.
  2. There is a lack of benches and rest areas on the journey from the Gaer to the Hub new build. Benches/a sheltered area could be put into place every 100 yards or so, brightly decorated by different local artists, designers and perhaps contributed to by the school near by. The vibrance of these would be visible from a far, working for both younger members of the family and the older residents. From each rest area, the next would be in sight, making the journey much more manageable for all mobility capabilities. Each bench could include a portion of a story of Newport’s history – you have to read the extracts on every bench along the journey to complete the story. These could be change seasonally to ensure people return. A hashtag could be used on each bench to unlock more detail on a corresponding app, photos of each beautiful bench could be posted on social media also to attract attention to the area.
  3. Change4Life – a family based NHS project to make families more active. Inspired by this, a similar app could work here – games and activities for family members. The activities would aim to improve physical and mental abilities. You log which family members are playing – different points for different people – perhaps more points for older people? Families can compete within the Gaer – older people can do activities without family and family without older person but more points if they do it together.
  4. An interactive wildlife garden with activities. Pond dipping, fish feeding, bird watching and feeding, animal bingo etc.

Following the meeting with Wendy, I feel more positive about my ideas. I presented ideas 2 and 3, both of which Wendy thought were good initial ideas to develop. For the bench idea, I need to consider the fact that whatever is put on the benches, whether that be a story or game, it has to work both going towards the Hub and away from it. There should also be some sort of visual story to encourage the visitors to complete the journey and create anticipation for the next bench. For the app, Wendy suggested I choose one traditional game and develop it into the app as a case study, and success story before developing further games and ideas.


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