Dissertation Tutorial

This morning I had an individual tutorial with Ashley in the heart space. In general, I currently feel very okay with my dissertation. I know what I need to do and I know how to do it now. The only real stress I have at this stage is that I know how heavily this one section is weighted, and I desperately want it to be brilliant so that I can have the grade I want overall. I am trying not to let this creep up in my mind yet though, as I realise I need to write it first!!! I am aiming to give Ashley quite a large chunk of writing to read on the formative deadline at the end of October, and so hopefully I will have even greater direction of what I can change and improve after that.

Writing an introduction and chapter headings in June, before finishing second year was definitely a great thing for Ashley to have asked us to do. It has given me so much clarity with my own ideas and has helped me to stay on topics throughout my research and writing. Having categories, though only a rough idea has allowed me to split research into groups of where they will be relevant to the overall dissertation. I am hoping this will help the overall narrative of the argument to flow better.

After my meeting I headed over to the library to see what other books I could find. I have taken out a few and so hopefully I can gather up some more strong quotes before I properly dive in to writing.


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