FMP: Legibility

I had been designing the booklets for my FMP in a similar style to one of my spreads from my ISTD. In my ISTD, I designed a page using song lyrics and structured it with the intention that the appearance of the words matched how they were sung.


I have tried to achieve a similar thing with this project, presenting the speeches with similar impact where the words are more forcefully and powerfully delivered.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 11.31.32

Above is one of the spreads from one booklet. The booklets are structured as concertinas and so there were issues with legibility and flow of text if I structure them in this sort of way. I also spoke to David about my colour choice. I chose a colour palette of green, purple and white, inspired by the Suffragette flag which uses these colours. Within this colour scheme, I was using different tones of the colours.


After speaking to David, I agreed that these colours just weren’t having the powerful impact that matched the speeches and the topics under discussion. David suggested I try neons, and after experimentation we agreed this instantly looked better, but needed more work.


We decided we liked the combination of the neon colours with the grey tones and that the following colours were working well.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 12.01.31

We also discussed the structure itself. This needed adjusting because of the readability issues. David showed me this project by Sarah Chadder on Behance:


This project is folded into a box and the writing travels down the paper. I am going to experiment with changing the direction of the body so that it travels down the concertina.


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