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Criticality: Half Way Point Review

On Monday, we shared our ideas with Theo and showed the group what we had been working on for the past week. Theo and the group seemed to like my idea and reassured me that I had grasped the concept of criticality well. I presented an example of an idea of a job advertisement where the actual job description has been replaced with sexist expectations of women in the workplace. This is something I will obviously continue more through the next week. Theo pointed out that I need consider the execution of my idea in order to allow the critical observation of the societal expectation to be recognised. We also discussed in depth the ‘subtlety’ of critical design and how to be subtle without your idea slipping under the radar or, contrastingly, being too in-your-face.

Moving on from this, I am experimenting with how to present my idea. I think the fundamental concept of my work is good, but I am working out how I can present this. I wanted to have them look like normal job advertisements, but though they look like normal job advertisements, there is something ‘off’ at first glance, urging the audience to explore further and read the body. I am experimenting with hand drawn versions of the webpage, scruffy and imperfect, perhaps in red biro. I am also experimenting with altering the colours of the webpages on photoshop to bright and quite grotesque colours dissimilar to the natural appearance of the website.