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FMP: Tutorial with Theo

This morning I had a tutorial with Theo to discuss my idea before submitting my creative brief this afternoon. Theo drew my attention to some work on abortion from a fine art degree show a few years ago in which the floor was covered in artificial egg shells in order to create the idea that abortion is a controversial topic to discuss, one which makes you feel like you are walking on egg shells.

Theo talked about a study he had heard about in which the drop in crime in New York was linked directly to the fact that abortion had be legalised 21 years before. I have been reading in to this study and there is evidence which suggests that abortion does in fact reduce crime rate across a whole range of cities. This is supposedly due to the fact that there are less underprivileged young men and women with difficult upbringings due to the fact that their mothers could not afford to have them, either financially or mentally. It is interesting to consider the long term effects of abortion on a whole society, rather than just the psychological effects on individual women – this is something I had not really considered before.

Moving on from this I will be looking into more long term effects of the legalisation of abortion and what effects the legalisation of abortion could have for Ireland.